email Addresses Are Available

Show that you are a part of the work in Maine and get a free personalized email address from

Email addresses in the form of are available for free. Just contact Philip Newcomer to set one up for you.

Please note that this is only an email account; you will still need to supply your own internet access. One advantage of using the email address as opposed to the one you get from your ISP ( for example) is that if you change internet service providers, your email address does not have to change also.

Since I have the email system set up through Google, an email address is actually a Gmail account using the website name.¬† You will get Gmail’s great spam filtering, webmail access, chat, and all the goodies that go along with a Gmail account if you desire.

Or, if you prefer you could just have it set up to forward messages to another email address.

Technical details: Mailbox storage space: over 7 GB; Protocols supported: POP3, IMAP; Webmail access provided by Google at